Name:  Lox
ID:  2258
Sex:  Neutered Male
DOB:  8/13/2013
Size:  77 lbs
General Health:  HW TX
Availability:  July 1

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Intake Report 5/28/2017:
Lox, as in Golden Lox, was given to the family about 3.5 years ago.  He’s been an outdoor dog and we’re told is very active, and just too energetic and rambunctious for the children.  He’s been living in the yard with two beagles and loves to play with a tennis ball, swim in their pool and loves the kids and beagles.  The owner said he drove the beagles crazy and they would put him in his place from time to time.  They also have 2 cats…I asked if Lox and the cats got along…the owner replied, “Put it this way, the cats are still alive”.  They chuckled and said he drives them crazy too, but has never tried to hurt them.  He was sitting quietly in a crate in the back of their pickup truck and was in my opinion very calm and well behaved.  After filling out the paperwork and being told how active and out of control he is, I put a leash on him, helped him out of the crate and walked him into the clinic.  I only wish some dogs could be so “out of control”.  He was a perfect gentleman.  He never really pulled on the leash, he never hiked his leg on anything, he laid down on the cool floor and the scales, and didn’t really want to get off of the scales after being weighed.  He loved everyone he met at the clinic and enjoyed all the attention and petting.

His coat is a bit dry and thin.  I’m thinking its from being outdoors, and that he’s shedding his winter coat.  It’s a bit coarse, but still beautiful.  I was surprised at how clean and tick/flea free he was.  The owner said he’d been swimming in the pool 3-4 times on Saturday, so that my also contribute to his dry coat.  Who ever lucks up and adopts this sweet soul, is going to be very lucky!   Oh well…this family’s loss is our gain.


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