Name: Lolly
ID: 4021
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 1-2 yr
Size: 54 lbs
General Health: HW TX 4/17 & 4/18
Availability: May 20

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Foster Update 5/11/2019:
She is a completely different dog than last week!  Lolly finally figured out what a Kong ball is for.  It helps to ease her anxiety when I leave.  I’ve been able to leave her in my sun room when I am gone and she doesn’t jump the gate any more.  Whenever possible, I leave our dog Bailey in the sun room with her and that helps.  Some firsts for Lolly this week:

  • She barked at people who are working in my yard…I think she feels like she is part of the pack and is protecting me!
  • She is learning to ring the jingle bell on my door to go outside.
  • Lolly figured out what a toy is! (See picture)  I don’t think this sweet dog has ever been an inside dog, had a toy or had anyone play with her.

I am excited to see how she does when she is off all her medications for heartworm treatment.  She has a sweet personality and just wants to be loved on.  We are working on manners and she understands “sit”.  I think when she is able to go on walks and exercise her anxiety will be better.  It’s really hard not to bond with this sweet girl!

Intake Report 4/12/2019:
Meet Lolly.  She was found wandering a neighborhood in rural Mississippi. She was turned in to the local shelter.  I had the privilege of meeting the founder and director of their local shelter.  She saw a need and actually founded the shelter. Miss Lolly is as cute and sweet as can be!  She was pretty dirty; however, it’s hard to stay clean when you’re living on the streets literally. The director tells us that she LOVES people, likes other dogs, and enjoys riding in the car. She was good and quiet in my car and readily jumped into the back and crate. It seems like she knows good things are coming her way! She also knows how to sit on command. She will make a wonderful pet for some loving home.


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