Name: Lincoln
ID: 2164
Sex: Neutered Male
DOB: 3/13/2015
Size: 63 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently

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From Lincoln’s Family:
– loves walks and is a great running partner!
– loves to be active but also a lazy bum
– loves to snuggle and get belly rubs
– loves his food and eats quickly – has never shown any food aggression (and I’ve messed with him during meals to make sure he didn’t have this as an issue)
– he is crate trained, loves his crate but is also okay sleeping elsewhere
– never had an accident in the house
– loves being with other dogs, he would love a companion brother or sister, he goes to doggy daycare and has never had any issues with other dogs
– unsure about cats, we don’t own one and he’s seen them before but never been around them in close quarters
– can be skiddish and anxious at times – just needs reinforcement that he’s okay
– he likes to chase squirrels and has even caught a few (yuck!)
You can see what a fabulous addition he will make to some lucky family.

Intake Report 2/4/2019:
Lincoln’s family surrendered him to MAGRR because since adopting him they have had a baby who has now become a toddler.  The little one was enthusiastic about Lincoln which made him very nervous.  While he attempted to avoid, the toddler was still in his face and the family felt that it just wasn’t a good idea and we totally agreed.  They loved him and didn’t want to set him up to fail and given that they are expecting a second child, it was just too much.  He is great with people and children not quite so young.  He is one fantastic boy.


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