Name:  Lilly Grace
ID:  2247
Sex:  Spayed Female
DOB:  4/20/2016
Size:  54 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Intake Report 4/10/2017:
This ebony beauty was surrendered to a local clinic by her owner because the owner is having severe health issues, has been hospitalized and was told by the Doctor that she needed to get rid of the dog as she would not be able to care of Lilly Grace.  It was a heartbreaking decision but one that the owner knew needed to be made.  The clinic staff sent an email to intake and asked if there was anyway we could help.  She’s a Golden/Black Lab mix with a personality as big and bold as her hair is black.  She’s 11.5 months old, has been seen by the clinic since she was acquired by her owner at 9 weeks old.   She’s not been exercised or taught to do anything, including leash skills by her owner.   I was told she likes balls, but I offered her a ball several times and she looked at it like she didn’t know what it was.    She has a sweet personality, met several dogs in the clinic and was just happy go lucky.  She loves people and welcomed attention from those whom she met.   She definitely has lots of energy.   She’s an absolute beauty and with some training and a little discipline, she will be a wonderful dog.  She only wants to please.


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Lilly Grace 2247 from MAGRR on Vimeo.