Name:  Lilah
ID:  2253
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  5 – 6 yr
Size:  86 lbs( Needs to lose 10-15)
General Health:  HW TX 5/12  2nd TX 6/9
Availability:  End of June
Sponsors:  Laura Quinlan

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Foster Update 6/1/2017
Lilah is a sweet girl, always smiling and ready to be petted.  She is on her heartworm treatment, so she isn’t allowed to be active; however, I suspect she would like to play with my dogs as she tries to engage them before I stop her.  She wags her whole back end with her tail.  She knows sit and is housebroken.  Due to her extreme fear of thunderstorms, we feel that she would should go to New England where there are less storms and they are less severe.  Other than this fear, this girl is a perfect golden.  If you are looking for a sweet companion this is the girl for you.


Intake Report 5/4/2017:
Lilah was found on the side of the road in Middle Tennessee about 1 1/2 years ago by a sweet young lady.  She was in bad shape and so this young lady took her home.  She got her vetted and took good care of her.  She got along just fine with their doggie.  She did prove to be a little anxious when storms would come.  Their doggie passed away and this young lady was moving so they could no longer care for Lilah.  They loved her dearly and only wanted what was best for her.  MAGRR was called and we certainly agreed to help find this sweet girl the home that she deserved.  She is a little chunky monkey and so will be on our famous green bean program.  She gets along with other dogs and is just your sweet typical golden.  She is going to be more beautiful than she is now once she gets that slink figure.  Watch as this duckling turns into a beautiful swan.


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Lilah 2253 from MAGRR on Vimeo.