Name: Lexi
ID: 3093
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 3 yr
Size: 53 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: April Marston            Travis Shepherd
Charles Knotts          Linda Smith
Margo Nathan           Lisa Russell
Charlotte Newell       Alan Tackman
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Christine Bartlett    Howard Bernstein
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Cheryl Rosenthal

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Medical Update 2/19/2019
Lexi’s lump was a low grade cancer.  Doctor was able to remove the mass; however, because of the location preferred margins were not possible. Lexi is only 3 years old, and with her cancer involving her front leg, our doctors have recommended radiation, which will give her a 95% chance of no recurrence. Without the radiation treatments, her odds of reoccurance are not as good. Our only option for these treatments is at the vet school at Mississippi State University.  We will begin those once she has healed from the surgery.

Medical Update 1/24/2019
Lexi had a lump removed from her leg this week and is doing just great.  She will have a 2 week recovery and then she will be ready to go.

Intake Report 1/11/2019:
This beautiful girl was a stray in a rural Tennessee County. Someone found her and turned her in to the local animal shelter on January 4.  After waiting the allotted time, with no one coming to claim her, we were contacted.  Our intake team member and her 2 year old son went to meet her. She’s a sweet happy go lucky dog, who seems to love everyone. She gets along great with dogs as long as they don’t rush her, loves kids, and seems to be glad to be where ever she is.  She has a true golden personality, even though her coat is of another color.  It’s thick and gorgeous but matted with cockle burs and dirty.  She always has a smile on her face and her teeth are in decent shape.  She’s going to be a gem of a dog for some lucky family.


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