Name: Kobe
ID: 2442
Sex: Neutered Male
DOB: 6/26/21
Size: 85 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Foster Updates


Kobe is generally a happy, sweet guy.   He is anxious and does not always warm up to new people immediately.   He needs time to make sure that he is safe.  He barks but never shows any sign of aggression when he meets them.   He mainly has this reaction with men but oddly, not all men.  He gets along great with other dogs.  He is a big boy and has lots of energy.  He is not great on a leash but we are working on that.  He absolutely loves to fetch.   He will bring anything thrown back and drop in your hands.    This most likely was his only form of exercise.  When he is tired, he will lay down with the ball.   We are working on his issues, but he will need someone who can be patient with him and give him time to adjust.   Then he will be a most loyal companion.

Intake Report


This beautiful boy is an owner surrender. He is a Golden mix. If we hadn’t taken him, he was going to local high kill shelter. He is used to living in an apartment and so desperately needs exercise. He slept in a crate and spent most of his days in a crate.  He is good with children and other dogs. His owners were moving and the apartment they were going to does not allow dogs. He was very rambunctious at our clinic and defintely stressed. I must say, even though he was so excited, he never tried to jump up on anyone. I spoke with his former vet’s office and she was very complimentary of him. She said he acted perfect at their office, but they have treated him since he was a young puppy. She said if they’d known he needed to be re-homed, they would have taken care of it.   He is very sweet and just needs some training and exercise.  He is that duckling that will be a swan once he gets the TLC and care that he needs.  He is a great MAGRR addition.

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