Name: Knox
ID: 4053
Sex: Neutered Male
DOB: 6/25/2018
Size: 78 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Intake Report

January 21, 2020

This gorgeous HUNK of a Golden is Knox.  He was surrendered to us today because his family doesn’t have time for him.  Both parents work and travel quite a bit.   Knox is spending more and more time in his crate and the family recognized that Knox isn’t getting the care, love and attention he needs.  For that, I am grateful.
Knox is a great dog but just needs some training, and an outlet for his puppy energy.   We’re told by his family that he LOVES people, is good with other dogs, is submissive to dominant/aggressive dogs (tucks his tail and hides behind owner), is afraid of cats, walks well on a leash, isn’t afraid of fireworks or thunderstorms, loves to ride in cars, LOVES balls, has PEANUT Butter in his Kong, Loves little dogs, is good with kids, is afraid of the Large Green Garbage Cans on their street, is crate trained, knows a number of commands, including come, sit, down, shake, and some tricks like picking which hand the treat is in.  He also will grab your hand or shirt and pull you to where he wants you to go.   He supposedly loves veggies and raw carrots.  He’s got a HUGE head and a gorgeous coat.  He needs a great deal of consistent training and boundaries, but will be an AMAZING dog with the opportunity to use up some of his puppy energy.

He’s one of the STUNNING Goldens that people go OMG over.  He’s going to be in high demand and will need a family who is willing to work with him.

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