Name: Keegan
ID: 4039
Sex: Neutered Male
Size: 28 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently

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Intake Report 8/26//2019:
MAGRR was contacted by a volunteer with a rural Mississippi shelter a couple of weeks ago about 3 dogs – 2 Goldens and a Lab. They had come in as strays and had been at the shelter a little over a month.  We agreed to take him and and his friend Chaplin and got a Lab Rescue to take the Lab. The volunteer told her that these dogs didn’t stand a chance and were going to be euthanized. She told her the shelter conditions were absolutely horrible. She was very emotional and gave each dog a hug and a kiss.

Kegan is a super dog! He is pretty high energy and loved playing with my 2 year old. They played fetch, and he was super curious about everything Porter did (even when he was splashing in the water with a huge bucket). He has a super cute face and I wish I could’ve taken this boy home.

I could see this boy being a little bit more mischievous than the others. He seems pretty young and is gorgeous, so I think he will be a popular boy to adopt.


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