Name:  Kassie
ID:  2264
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  6 months
Size:  35 lbs
General Health:  Shattered Pelvis
Availability:  TBA
Sponsors:  Ron Jobel
Heather Pate
Christine Bartlett
JoAnn Lemire
Richard Anderson
Diane Hollister
Richard & Tina Reublin
Ani Blair

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Foster Update 9/4/2017
Kassie has been a very good girl.  She is having so much fun playing with Grits, her foster sister.  She is such a precious one and loves to play and will do great with a fur-friend.  We might add that her coat is lopsided because her entire backend was shaved for her surgery and is just now growing out.  Once it is out her coat is going to be gorgeous.

Foster Update 8/30/2017:
This girl has made such a remarkable recovery.  All she needs now is to build up the muscles in her back legs.  She is cleared from her surgery and now that she feels good, we have discovered that she likes other dogs and really just wants to play.  She is still that sweet cuddly girl but now she has more energy and isn’t so frightened anymore.  She is a complete doll and is ready for her forever home and family.

Medical Update 8/28/2017:
Kassie has finally been cleared by the surgeon and is ready to go her forever home.  She is doing great. .  She loves people and loves to cuddle.  Hoping to get new pictures this week.

Foster Update 8/10/2017:
Kassie is doing really well in her rehabilitation.  She is walking and we are expecting a complete recovery.  She will need to be an only dog as she doesn’t like other dogs especially in her face. She loves to snuggle with her humans and will be a wonderful companion.  She has accepted one dog but that so far has been the only one.  He is a gentle great dane and it took her quite a while to accept him.  We just think she will work best as an only dog.

Medical Update 6/28/2017
Dr. Fisher reports that Kassie had the worst of the 2 hips fixed yesterday and plans are to fix the other one tomorrow after a good rest today. She did great and is wagging her tail and loving all of the attention that she is getting from the staff.

Intake Report 6/24/2017:
This precious little girl was hit by a car and some kind soul took her to Animal Emergency.   They transferred her to MAS and MAGRR was called.   We immediately went to get her and had her checked by our vets.  We named her for our wonderful vet, Dr. Kassie Newton of The Pet Hospitals, who took such good care of her and treated her with so much love and care.  It was determined that she needs surgery on her pelvis which was broken in several places.  She will be evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon on 6/26/17.   More information coming.

She is the sweetest little girl.  She never reacted in any ugly way while being examined and xrayed even though we know she has lots of pain.  After her evaluation, she was given medications to help her rest until we can get her the help that she needs.


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