Name: Journey
ID: 3100
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr
Size: 49 lbs
General Health: Broken Pelvis, Heartworms
Availability: To be Announced
Sponsors: Whitney Byers             Linda Smith
Laura Cornwell          Sharon Kovach
JoAnn Lemire            Susan Wenger
Nancy Tashie

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Medical Update 3/16/2019:
Journey has spent the last couple of days at Memphis Veterinary Specialists Hospital getting xrays to determine the extent of her injuries so that we will know how to proceed.  Once again she has won over the hearts of the staff members at MVS.   We will update next week when we have more information.

Intake Report 3/7/2019:
We were contacted the local Memphis shelter about this girl.  She had come in and they had determined that she had 2 fractured pelvises.  She had been in the Director’s office and the staff had fallen in love with her.  They said she was so very sweet even in obvious pain that she was enduring.  She is even able to walk and stand.  She truly has a strong will to get better.   Even though her DNA isn’t all Golden Retriever, we can assure you that her heart and temperament most certainly are.  She has broken hearts every place she has been.  We know it will be a long and expensive treatment, but just had to give her a chance.  We hope that some wonderful family will do the same when she is all healed.  She deserves so much better than she has had.  We named her Journey because she surely has a long journey ahead.


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