Name: Journey
ID: 4087
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 – 2 yr
General Health: Hip Surgery
Availability: TBA
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Medical Update – January 28, 2023

Our boy has had a set-back but is once again on the right track.   He got an infections in his right leg and had to have a 3rd surgery to flush and remove the nail and pins.   They replaced with a plate and bone graft to give him stability and also promote healing.  He is doing well and is back at his foster home.   More rehab in 3 weeks.  New picture added.   He’s such a great boy.

Medical Update – January 5, 2023

Journey is getting rehab twice weekly and so far is doing well.   We are not sure how long this will take but hopefully not more than 2-3 weeks.

Medical Update—November 8, 2022

Journey has arrived at his foster home and is doing well. He’s a very calm dog.

Medical Update—November 2, 2022

I went personally today to visit this precious boy. It is truly amazing at how far he has come and how well he is doing. He can get up and walk with help. His lift side is still not as strong due to some muscle contractions, but he is toe touching on that side which is wonderful. He is getting physical therapy to stretch that muscle and doing very well. One of the surgery technicians is going to take him home with her for couple of weeks to get him out and bring him back with her to work so that he can continue his physical therapy. The good news is that he is heartworm negative so won’t have to face heartworm treatment once he has healed. This boy loves to be petted and will paw for more. He actually tried to get up on the couch with me so he is definitely feeling much better. You can see him walking back with the nurse after our visit. He still has a long way to go but we are very pleased with his progress so far. I made the attached videos today. (Phyl Simmons)

Medical Update—October 28, 2022

Journey is progressing as expected. Will put little weight on back legs with help. They are doing therapy to stretch out those muscles. He is tolerating all very well. Still on target to go to foster first or middle of next week. This boy has a long rehabilitation ahead of him, but with TLC and so much care, he is going to make it. Please keep him in your prayers and thoughts. He deserves to have a really good life.

Medical Update—October 25, 2022

Journey had his first surgery yesterday and it went well. They were able to repair his hip and set that leg. He tolerated the surgery very well and rested comfortably overnight. He will have the second surgery on the opposite leg either today or tomorrow. Hoping it goes as well. This boy remains incredibly sweet and docile throughout this ordeal. He is such a dear and all of the staff at the specialty hospital love him and report what a great dog he truly is. He has a long rehab ahead but we know this boy is worth all of the effort to save him.

Medical Update—October 22, 2022

He is comfortably resting in ICU where he is getting the pain meds that he needs. The staff reports that he is eating well and moving around in his crate. They kept mentioning how very sweet he is and what a special patient he has already become. He will be transferred to the surgery unit later for consultation with the surgeon and how to proceed.

Intake Report—October 21, 2022

Intake team members, Janis & Bonny, traveled to rural Tennessee to pick up this precious one. The cotton fields were ripe, plentiful, and beautiful. We were contacted by the good Samaritan who picked this young boy up from the roadside. The X-rays were made by his vet, who recommended euthanasia unless a rescue could be contacted who might take him on. He had not identification nor microchip. Our Intake team vacillated for a couple of hours about whether to take him or not as we needed a committed foster to get him through a long rehabilitation. Intake team member, Amanda, found a foster for him, Kristyn. His recovery will be 8-12 weeks. He likely will have to have 1 leg amputated and pins and plates in the other. The stars seemed to align, especially when Bonny said she would go with me. Once we met him, he was so typical Golden. Even though he must be in horrendous pain, he licked our faces. When we stopped petting, he gently picked up his paw and placed it on our hand to continue. We thought he might have some spinal cord involvement, since he never whined or growled. That will be interesting, because several times he scooted around to an almost upright sit position to look out the window. I just can’t emphasize what a precious soul he is. We got him to Memphis Veterinary Specialists (MVS) around 7pm. They got him on their stretcher and whisked him back so quickly! I was hoping to see him one more time, but that wasn’t possible. We named him Journey because he certainly has had a hard journey so far and has a long one to go. He needs LOTS of prayer!

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