Name:  Josey
ID:  2143
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  2-4 yr
Size:  47 lb
General Health:  Heartworm Treated
Availability:  Currently

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Foster Update 6/17/2017:
Josey is such an awesome dog and she’s come such a long way from the scared dog I pulled from the a high kill shelter a yea ago.  She’s fun loving, happy and devoted to her people.  I’ve been so blessed to have her in our home for the past year.  She’s learned so many things since coming to live with us.   Now she is ready for her forever home so that we can help the next sweet doggie.

Foster Update 1/21/2017:
Josey is a wonderful little dog, but she definitely is not a candidate to go to the Northeast. She has finally come out of her shell, but she must have had a terrible time before she came to us.  We suspect that she lived on her own for a long time.  She loves to play with her male foster sibblings but can be very dominant with other female dogs.  She needs to be with a dog savy family with no small children and only other male dogs.  She would probably be best as an only dog.  She is cuddly and loving and will make some special family a fabulous dog.

Intake Report 6/16/2016:
This gorgeous mahogany-colored girl was in a high skill shelter and completely shut down.  She wouldn’t even raise her head to look at anyone who tried to visit her. I went over to meet her and spent about an hour trying to draw her out of her shell. She tested heartworm positive at the shelter and because of her scared state, they deemed her not a surgical candidate. I was able to work with the shelter manager and get her out released to MAGRR as we were her only hope.  OK, call us suckers but we saw the potential in this sweet girl who had had absolutely no chance and not a very good life up to now.

After a few days at my house and lots of treats and patience, she is coming around and beginning to love the attention of humans. I don’t believe she’d been in a house before, she would not walk on a leash at all, and was very unsure of going in or out of a door. She’s yet to have an accident proving that she just wants to please. She’s beginning to learn to like the leash and is now voluntarily walking with it on her. She’s going in an out of the doors without having to be coaxed and is starting to stay in the same room with us instead of hiding behind the furniture. She’s very food motivated which has helped to win her over to Team Lovett.  She’s got a strange little tuft of black hair about 3 inches long on her left ear that looks as if someone wove it into her hair. She’s going to make a great dog when she gets healthy and blossoms into the swan that we know she can be..


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