Name: Jonas
ID: 3182
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 1 yr
Size: 55 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: Zora Leggitt
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My Reports

Intake Report

April 10, 2021 – Foster Update

Jonas is completely housebroken, is kennel trained (I feed him in his kennel), walks fairly well on a leash, is dog friendly, loves children (my nieces are 10 and 11), will sit on command.  Uses a doggie door. Super affectionate and loving–appears to be a velcro dog. Will jump into a lap and cuddle when someone sits down. Loves his daily walks and loves chew toys. Does not chew furniture or woodwork but if he doesn’t have chew toys available and there are shoes within reach, he will steal the shoes and run outside through the dog door with them. He then tries to play keep away with them. He will bring them back in exchange for a treat. Overall, just the nicest, sweetest dog with a little puppy still in him. He is by no means hyper though. He tries to entice my 7 year old collie into games of chase occasionally but most of the time is content to lie on a window seat gnawing on a chew toy and watching squirrels in the front yard.  He is going to make some family so very happy.

April 9, 2021

A kind and wonderful lady saw this sweet boy foraging for food in a garbage sack in the middle of a very busy street.   She stopped and a guy walked up and said he was his roommates dog.   It was obvious the the doggie coward had he walked up.   She offered to buy this boy and eventually was taken to the owner who sold him because he had lost his job and truly couldn’t take care of this sweet boy.   Thankfully he did the right thing for his dog.   God bless this lady for taking the time to see that he needed help.  She took him home where a got along great with her alpha male.  MAGRR was called and so we were happy to take this boy.  He is one of those special “Black Goldens.”

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