Name:  Jingles
ID:  2210
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  7 – 9 months
Size:  57 lbx
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Foster Update 12/23/2016
Jingles is an absolute sweetheart!  Her coat is incredibly soft and she loves to cuddle.  She’s eager to please and very observant making her a quick learner for her age.  She is very motivated by treats and already knows how to sit.  Being so young, she could really develop into one smart lady with some consistency.  She was nervous at first to get in the car but once in, she rode happily in the backseat like a pro.  She wasn’t excited to go in the crate on her first night with us.  After barking for a few minutes, however, she went to sleep and was silent for the rest of the night.  She gets along very well with my 7yr old male golden, and they’re already playing together.  She definitely still has some puppy in her and is curious about everything around her.  She seems to be house trained and has had no accidents in the house yet.  She loves rawhide bones.  Hasn’t really figured out fetching with the tennis ball yet but she’s interested and will run along side my Golden when we play.  She’s somewhat vocal when she’s playing with my Golden, but other than that she hasn’t barked.  She welcomed herself onto our couch but we’re working on keeping her off the furniture (which is tough because she’s a great cuddler!) All around, a sweet, gentle girl with a big heart!  She’ll be a perfect addition for a family that has time to give her lots of attention and a great foundation so she can grow into a wonderful, mature lady!

Intake Report 12/13/2016:
Welcome Jingles.  This sweet girl was picked up by an animal control officer in rural Mississippi.  She was treated for parvo and a family adopted her and then stuck her outside in the backyard and unspayed at that.  A nice rescuer talked them into surrendering her so that she could have a better life.  MAGRR was called and of course we agreed to help this sweet little girl.  We are told that she is good with kids, cats and other dogs.  She is so cute and is going to make some lucky family a wonderful addition.


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