Name:  Jay Donner
ID:  2215
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  2 yr
Size:  75 lbs
General Health:  To Be HW Treated
Availability:  Mid February
Sponsors:  John Brubaker

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Intake Report 12/28/2016:
This HUGE sweet boy found himself turned into a rural Arkansas humane society on December 27th.- we were told he was a stray. He probably wondered what he did to deserve that kind of punishment from Santa. We were contacted by their director and we immediately agreed to get him out of there. Our Intake Coordinator’s wonderful hubby, Jay drove 1 1/2 hours to pick him up Wednesday afternoon and delivered him to our clinic – so we named him Jay. He’s fairly young with very clean teeth, he’s heart worm positive, and is pretty darn close to skin and bones.  His ribs are easily felt and  he has hair loss and skin discoloration on his legs and back from a long term untreated flea allergy.  His coat is dry and brittle but once he’s nourished with good quality food, it will be gorgeous.  He’s super sweet, calm and VERY strong with not many leash skills, however he doesn’t drag you around. But because of his size he definitely goes where he wants.  He greeted a sick old dog at the clinic very nicely and was truly interested in making friends. However we are told by the shelter that he is very aggressive with cats.

Due to his being anemic, we will plan to wait a couple of weeks to treat him for heartworms giving him time to gain a little weight and get some good nutrition. Watch as this precious boy turns into a beautiful drop-dead gorgeous boy.


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Jay Donner 2215 from MAGRR on Vimeo.