Name: Jax
ID: 3188
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 5-6 yr
Size: 70 lbs
General Health: HW TX. 10/18 & 19
Availability: Nov. 18
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My Reports

Intake Report

October 8, 2021

This precious boy was posted on Facebook in rural Arkansas and a rescuer got him.  She had him for 5 days before we could get him to Memphis.   What a handsome, truly ‘golden boy’ he is! He was limping on his right hind leg. She lifted him into my truck. He refused any water or treats (even boiled chicken). He was an excellent car rider. Very quiet, very gentle with my 13 year old granddaughter. He seemed content to lie down on the seat and look out the window. He hopped out of the car nicely and walked with me on the slip lead leash. He let me love all over his face and ears, back and belly. He’s a sweet, sweet boy. He will be a blessing to some lucky family.

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