Name: Jake – Lily
ID: (J)3069 – (L)3070
Sex: Neutered Male – Spayed Female
Age: Jake 12 – Lily 11
Size: Jake 83 – Lily 59
General Health: Good for both
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: Leslie Currier            Diane Taylor
Joe Phelan                  Diana Briggs
John Drake

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Medical Update 9/17/2018:
Jake had to have a malignant tumor removed from his rectum.  It was an intricate surgery very nicely done by one of the surgeons at Memphis Veterinary Specialists (MVS).  Jake is recuperating so well and is almost back to normal.  The good news is that they got all of the tumor with great margins.  The doctor says no more treatment required.  This boy now has the good life to in which to look forward.

Lilly is doing great and loving life.  She likes to play with her two golden foster brothers.  Jake enjoys the couch and the large back yard.  They are doing so well.

Jake & Lilly are not candidates to go on the transport, so are only available locally.

Intake Report 7/31/2018:
Their former owner had purchased Jake for her son when he was 12.  Apparently Lily was involved in an abuse case and was left at a vet clinic.  This lady took her home and the two have been bonded ever since. Owner has moved in with her elderly parents and it became impossible to keep them.   She loves these two and stated that if there were anyway she could keep.  Her real fear now is that they will be separated.  “These 2 dogs have grown up together, sleep together, she is his baby sister.”  We told her that we would do everything that we could to keep them together.  Jake is twelve (DOB 2/15/06 and has AKC papers).   She says that Lily is around 11.  They are definitely pure bred goldens.  They are just typical old golds.   They will be so easy.  They have quickly become a favorite with our clinic staff.   If you can find it in your heart to take Jake & Lily and give them a soft place for their “golden” years, you won’t be sorry.


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