Name:  Jake Benson
ID:  2223
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  7 yrs
Size:  106 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Intake Report 1/17/2017:
Welcome Jake.  This is one of those very sad and difficult surrenders. This gorgeous gentle giant came from Mississippi. We were contacted by a wonderful lady from a local rescue. I planned to drive there to get him, but his owner called me while I was on the road and said she would start driving north as I came south.  It was quite an emotional hand over and we spent about 45 min. while I learned about Jake, down to the brand of Vanilla ice cream he likes every evening about 9 and of course we cried together… This fabulous boy has been with her since he was 6 weeks of age. In fact he was a 60th birthday gift from her to her husband, 7yrs ago. He was really her “husband’s dog” but, much loved by both of them. Her husband passed away and over time, she has faced many difficulties in caring for Jake, her health, financial, and though gentle he is, he’s just too much for her now that she is alone.  Jake was an absolute gentleman at our clinic and everyone fell in love with him. He had a great checkup.  He has had obedience training. Knows how to heel, come, sit, stay, down, is house and crate trained. He has NEVER lived outside and LOVES air-conditioning. I waited with him at the clinic as Dru and drove him straight to his foster.  Jake came with a box full of “stuff” and an elevated feeding stand. No doubt this boy will be adopted quickly and go right back into a loving home.  He is truly fabulous.


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