Name:  Hugo
ID:  2236
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  8-9 yr
Size:  95 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Foster Update 3/17/2017
Hugo is an adorable gentle giant.  Just so sweet, with no behavior issues at all.  He walks great on a leash.  Inside our gated community, we walk him off leash.  He trots along right beside us and occasionally goes out ahead.  When we call his name, his stops, turns around and waits.  We take him on longer walks, about two miles, which he handles well.  He can also go up and down stairs.  He does NOT like to ride in the car.  It stresses him too much.  We left him at home alone for two hours and he laid by the door and slept (on camera).  And he likes to talk !  We tell him to speak and he will give a soft yelp. It’s really adorable.   Even though he is so big, he doesn’t seem to take up a huge amount of space.  It’s almost like he knows he’s big and tries to keep out of everyone’s path.  He will make someone a wonderful pet!

Intake Report 3/6/2017:
Hugo has had a confusing several weeks.  His first family got a divorce so he went to live with the grandmother.  He did fine until she broke her hip and he had to go to another family member who made him an outside dog.  He had always lived inside and so was very unhappy.  They realized this and after 2 weeks decided to surrender him to MAGRR so that he could have a better life.  He is a big boy,who could lose a few pounds with some much needed exercise.  He is very sweet and was upset when he first arrived but settled down once he got to his foster home.  He is just a big happy go lucky golden boy.  He is very energetic for a senior.  He is going to make someone very very happy.


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