Name: Huddy
ID: 3094
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 4 yr
Size: 35 lbs
General Health: HW Tx – 2/10 & 2/11
Availability: First of March

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Intake Report 2/08/2019:
Meet Huddy, our latest MAGRR boy.  This pint size fellow is a Golden/Cocker mix who was found in rural Mississippi by a young lady.  Huddy is a precious little dog.  He’s sweet, happy, gentle and easy going.  She said he acts like and old man and I’d have to agree with that.  He’s calm and walks gently on the leash.  He LOVED everyone he met at our clinic.  He was happy to ride in the crate from her house to downtown with zero complaint.  He allowed me to pick him up and put him in the crate.  He’s been an inside dog since she found him.  He is house trained and crate trained.  He loves to be petted and loves his toys.  He’s good with other dogs, cats and likes to ride in cars.  He’s recently been groomed, actually shaved…so his coat looks smooth instead of fluffy.  His coat is very healthy.  He’s got a long, curly Golden tail and long hair on his ears and between his toes.  He’s just a sweet sweet dog.  All the clinic techs were amazed at how calm he is.  He is truly a jewel. With his perfect size as a “Pocket Golden”, folks are going to be all over this precious boy.


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