Name: Hope
ID: 3173
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 1 yr
Size: 49 lbs
General Health: TBA
Availability: TBA
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Intake Report

Update: 8/27/2020

The staff at our clinic tell me she has been fine around other dogs. She has also become very loving and just wants to bury her head in your lap and be pet, which is very sweet.  We are planning for her to go to foster tomorrow but will still have to come back for further treated in a couple of weeks.


This pitiful girl was picked up by the local city shelter yesterday. This may be the best thing that ever happened to her besides MAGRR adopting her today. She actually looks very Golden Retriever to me.  Look at this poor girl’s feet. They are hot and swollen! In fact almost every place we tried to touch to help her along began to bleed. I got blood all over me helping lift her into the crate.  So we have to guess at the cause of this terrible dermatitis. Likely fleas and other vermin. She is also skeletal. I want to say the vet tech that helped me get her from the crate was so kind. We wrapped her in the fleece bedding and gently lifted her to carry her in. She never growled or showed any aggressive tendency, even though we had to be hurting her. I know MAGRR will offer her a safe healing haven. We need her foster to take photos of her all along the way. I know we all want to see her after she has healed!
Watch for updates as this sweet girl turns into the stunning girl that she can be.

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