Incompatible with cats
Name: Holli & Paisley
ID: 3177 & 3178
Sex: Spayed Females
Age: Holli 7/21/14  & Paisley 3/20/12
Size: 50 & 65
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently – in New England
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My Reports

Intake Report

March 19, 2021

This wonderful pair has been together for all of Holli’s life and are very bonded.   They were from the same home in Arkansas and were flown to Memphis back in December.  Holli had to be treated for Heartworm so they were here for 3 months at one of our very experienced fosters.  Once ready to go, they were adopted by a great family in New England and have been there about 1 1/2 months.  The issue here has been Holli’s reaction to their cats.  Paisley is fine with them, but Holli just doesn’t want to accept them.  Although she hasn’t harmed them, she definitely barks excessively each time she sees them.  They have tried to work it out, but just don’t think it’s fair to their cats or to the girls to keep them when they can’t all be together.  Holli is a feisty and fun, playful girl but she can be reactive most likely due to a strong prey drive.  She will need someone who can be patient with her and give her time to trust.  Most of the time these two are very chilled and love to relax on the couch.  They must stay together because they are dependent on each other.  If you want a pair already bonded, these girls are for you.

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