Name:  Helen
ID:  2135
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  4 yr
Size:  45 lbs
General Health:  Blind & HW TX 7/28 & 7/29
Availability:  1st of September

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Foster Update 9/1/2016
Helen did very well through her HW treatment.  She is a very sweet happy girl.  It took her a little bit of time with all that she went through to get used to my two boys, her foster brothers Clyde a Jack Russell and Sully a goldie boy.   She loves being out with them.   They have learned that she can’t see and have adjusted well to her bumping into them.   Sully does his best to guide her when outside and she does well to take his lead.  She has learned the layout of my house pretty well.  She does well in listening to my voice and when I tap my leg or snap my fingers so she can follow me either in the house or yard.  She does still bump into things daily but over time I feel she will get better with this.  She loves to be petted especially when she first gets out of her crate when I get home.  She is so excited and jumps up wanting love.  She has a great smile and personality and did I mention she is very cute.  Every morning when I leave for work she gets a treat after she is in her kennel.  She has learned this routine and knows exactly where to go in the morning time and has learned this is a “happy” thing for her.

Foster-Medical Update 7/28/2016
Helen has adjusted very well to her foster home where she lives with a golden and a small doggie.  She has learned the house and adores her foster mom.  She is just so very sweet.  We wanted to give her time to adjust prior to treating her heartworms.  As you can see from the photos the difference in her coat and how very beautiful she has become.  She has truly morphed from a duckling into a fabulous swan.   She will get her final heartworm treatment on 7/29/2016.

Foster Update 6/20/16:
For a little one who has been through so much, she is doing very well.  She is learning her new surroundings and enjoys walks in the grass and snuggling with her foster mom.  She is learning her way and is going to be a very special addition to a special family once she is ready.  She will go in for her heartworm treatment once she has completed recovered from the eye surgery and feels comfortable. in her new surroundings.  She is such a brave little girl.

Medical Update 6/6/2016:
Dr. Miller the veterinary ophthalmologist at Memphis Veterinary Specials, performed an enucleation with ocular implants.  (Removed the damaged eyes and implanted double prosthesis.   Helen’s eyesight could not be saved, but now she is pain-free and is learning to cope.  Dogs without sight do very well because of their strong sense of smell and acclamation to their surroundings.  Helen has come through this surgery very well and is recuperating nicely.

Intake Report 5/22/2016:
Meet our very special little girl. Helen was picked up as a stray by a local high kill shelter.  She has had severe long-term glaucoma in both eyes leaving her completely blind.  We suspect that her owners put her out and called the shelter at the same time because she did not look as thought she had been on her own although certainly she was neglected.  She was horribly matted with two huge thick matts hanging from her back feathers that almost prevented her from sitting.  Her nails were also very long.  If she had truly been a stray, we think she would have been run over due to her inability to see and that she bumps into things until she becomes familiar.  Just doubtful that she could have survived as a stray.  She also has heartworms which will be treated once she has recuperated from eye surgery. She is very sweet and incredibly trusting considering her lack of sight.  She is perfectly happy to lay in her crate of bed or even in soft grass.  She is so sweet and we just couldn’t leave her in the shelter.


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