Name:  Haylee
ID:  2222
Sex:  Spayed Female
DOB:  9/9/2009
Size:  83 lbs (Need to lose some weight)
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Intake Report 1/18/2017:
This full figured beautiful blonde came to us from a family who has just gotten custody of their granddaughter.  Their granddaughter is allergic to Haylee, so they had no choice but to surrender.  Her name is Bailey, but since we already have a Bailey in the system, we named her Haylee, to avoid confusion.  She has been a loved family member who lived indoors since she was acquired as a puppy. Her ears were pretty stinky and she has some minor discoloration around her left eye, making me think she’s either got allergies or an ongoing issue with that eye.  We were told her owners both worked a lot of hours and she spent the majority of her time at home in a crate.  She’s definitely going to need the green bean plan and lots of exercise. Even though she’s over weight, I was surprised at how agile she is and able to maneuver getting up in the van seats, to enjoy hanging her head out the window.  She is the epitome of Golden Personality…very happy, very sweet, good with other dogs and kids, and loves to have a loving hand on her. She’s going to make some lucky family very happy!


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