Name: Harper
ID: 4083
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr
Size: 50 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Intake Report

September 19, 2022

This pretty girl came all the way from South Mississippi. Our Mississippi rescue partner  drove the longest distance to pick her up from her owner. Then we had a MAGRR member take her from Madison to Grenada. I only had to drive to Grenada.  Sometimes it truly takes a village.   She spent the night with me because we got back after 6pm. She was a little timid getting  in the car, but she rode quietly, without a peep from her.  She’s a good eater and could stand to gain a few pounds. Probably because she’s still in that gangly youthful stage.  She looks all Golden. It looks like her family got her in Jan. 2022.  She has no clue about a leash, but she is so gentle and sweet.  She has a soft mouth. She sits down instantly when asked. I haven’t figure out the word they used for lay down. She knows the word shake hands. She gives you her left paw every time, never the right. She can run like the wind and has really enjoyed my big backyard. She has played with 3 of my dogs. She is housebroken and obviously loves kids. She was surrendered because they don’t have a fenced backyard and the young kids kept letting her out, so she was relegated to a stake and cable tie in the backyard. Her family realized this was no way for her to live. We found out she loves to swim today. My son’s family was over and his Doodle retrieves over and over.  Harper cared nothing about retrieving. She just wanted to be in the water continuously. She’s a MAGRR girl now and is going to make some family very happy.   She is truly a jewel.
Janis, MAGRR Intake Team

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