Name:  Grady
ID:  3026
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  10-12 yr
Size:  61 lbs
General Health:  Being HW TX
Availability:  Mid March
Sponsors:  Dawn Boren
Lawrence Loguidice

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Foster Update 8/17/2018
This boy is doing so much better but we do not feel that he is a candidate for the transport so he is not available for New England applicants unless they wish to drive to get him.

Intake Report 12/9/2017:
This sweet ‘ole wanderer was found roaming the streets in a small town in Arkansas and turned into the local humane society.  A new rescuer, who has recently moved to that area from Florida, contacted us as soon as she found him at the shelter last Monday.  She was elated to find a Golden rescue close by, and even happier when we agreed to take him.  I was excited that she was willing to bring him to us on her way to Nashville today.  She couldn’t stand that his old arthritic bones would be outdoors, with this weeks cold weather coming in, so she took him to her house on Monday evening, gave him a bath and has been keeping him warm, fed and comfortable since then.  He was in a pen at the shelter with another dog and is very dog friendly.

I met her at our clinic intake.   He’s SO Sweet.  He has a HUGE head was in his prime magnificent and will be again.  He is already neutered and is very skinny.   The poor soul had been caught killing chickens for his food at some point during his time on the lamb. He’s sweet as Pie and puts his head between your knees for you to rub his neck.  He loves to have his ears rubbed and he’s always got smile on his face.

The ladies at our clinic loved him.  He will get the spa treatment as his hair is matted.  He is going to be one fabulous boy.


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