Name: Glitter
ID: 2432
Sex: Female to be spayed
DOB: Est:  2/7/22
Size: 35 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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Foster Updates

July 25, 2022

Glitter is a really nice kind up puppy.  Not too calm, not too hyper.  Likes trotting around the house and then jumping up on a chair or sofa.  Loves playing with toys.  She picks them out of the bucket and carries them around.  She “destuffs” some of them.  Typical Retriever.  She is basically potty trained.  This fluffy bit of love is not needy, but does want to be near you…not in a crate or behind a gate.  She’s very well mannered with the other dogs and is submissive to them.  This puppy is going to be a fantastic family member.

Intake Report

June 28, 2022

Glitter and her sister, Sparkle, were dumped in rural Mississippi to fend for themselves.  A wonderful person saw them and took them into her home. They love toys and of course like to chew.   Did not like the squeaky toy or rope toy that was offered to them.  She says they liked laying under a fan on a wet surface but wouldn’t get into a pool.   They were learning to get down instead of jumping on people.  They are just typical puppies who want attention and love.   We noticed that they did not jump on us when they arrived. They were a little scared when first arriving, of course they had no idea that they were going to start a whole new life and how wonderful it would be. They deserve so much better.  They met everyone in our clinic with a tail wag.    We picked these names in honor of the 4th of July upcoming.  We hope that they can Sparkle and Glitter once they get into their new homes.

They will be separated for adoption.

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