Name:  Ginny
ID:  2183
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  6-8 months
Size:  20 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Update 4/15/2017
Ginny has come such a long way since coming into our program and having such a difficult time.  She was difficult to potty train and we even thought she might have had a medical issue.  At first she had several UTIs which delayed good training.  She is doing great at her foster home and is fine as long as she has a doggie door or lots of access to outside. We are hoping that as she grows this will improve as it has so much in the past couple of months.   She is still on a little anxious, but loves her foster siblings and loves to play.  She is a happy go lucky girl and loves people, kids and all. She will be the perfect dog for the right family; however, we don’t feel that she should go on the transport, so should be adopted locally.

Intake Report 1/19/2017:
This precious little shy girl came to us from a rural Tennessee shelter.  She was found as a stray and taken to the shelter and given vaccinations. For some reason the shelter decided to test the pups in the shelter only 3 days after being given vaccinations including Parvo and so of course she tested positive for parvo, even though she was asymptomatic. This was basically a death sentence for her so we had to get her out of the shelter before they euthanized. She never exhibited any signs or symptoms of Parvo and the vets is sure it was a false positive because she had just even vaccinated.  Because of liability, the poor little girl had to stay in quarantine at our vet for 10 days once she arrived because of the positive parvo results even though she never had any symptons, so concluded that she didn’t have parvo.  She has obviously been injured in some way, as she has an old injury to her head…it looks like she was scalped by a car bumper possibly. The wound has healed. Her coat is soft and healthy, and wavy down her back and tail. She has beautiful light green eyes.  Her upper jaw is slightly longer than the lower one. She was very timid and did the puppy belly crawl, but she welcomed being picked up and loved on. She’ll be a super addition to a very lucky family.


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