Name:  Ginger
ID:  2230
Sex:  Spayed Female
DOB:  10/28/15
Size:  82 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Intake Report 2/18/2017:
Welcome sisters Ginger and Bella.  These two beauties are so happy and full of life and energy…and they were clearly loved by their owner. She has agonized over this decision for several months bit ultimately did the right thing for the dogs. She called them her babies on numerous occasions and felt like she was giving up her children. From her intake profile, they are good with kids, dogs, like to be groomed, like swimming, balls, frisbees.  They dislike loud noises, rough housing and being bothered while eating…I asked her to clarify that…she said they’ve never shown any sign of resource guarding but just put the food in bowl and let them eat.  They are very strong and adopter should be willing to provide them some training on leash.  Owner says they know sit, stay and shake. The are drop-dead gorgeous. Bella is clearly the more quiet submissive one and Ginger is large and exuberant!  So glad they’re with us now.  They are so pretty and very sweet.


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Ginger 2230 from MAGRR on Vimeo.