Name: Gidget
ID: 4079
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr
Size: 59 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: End of December
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My Reports

Intake Report

December 11, 2020

This fluffy sweet girl was found wandering in a busy intersection in the city of Memphis. Several people had been trying to catch her to no avail. Finally a veterinarian and a couple of rescue folks were able to lure her in. She has been with a lady who fosters for an all breed rescue. They posted her on Facebook but no one claimed her. They checked for a chip the day they found her but there was none.  One of our members saw her on Facebook and contacted us. After getting more details and a dog test, the Intake Team agreed to take her. She has a long, beautiful and healthy thick curly coat. She has a golden smart knot and is a bit timid at first in new situation‘s. The lady who has had her for the last 11 days says that she has done extremely well with her dog, her cat, and both of her children. She was very afraid to come in the house at first. Based on the thickness of her coat and the ticks on her, I’m guessing she’s been an outdoor dog her entire life. She has an extremely soft mouth and she’s not food motivated. The lady who had her reports that she just leaves food and grazes throughout the day rather than eating all at one time. The ladies daughters brought her in the house several different times where she appeared uncomfortable and would always go back to the door to get back out. Except for the last night that she was with them. They brought her in and put her in their bed…she slept all night long and didn’t bother anything.

I went out and picked her up from the lady who’s been fostering her. Took her to our clinic. She was a bit hesitant to get in the van, as well as take treats from me during the ride there.

Our clinic staff has commented on how sweet and gentle that she is.  She’s going to make a wonderful addition to some very lucky family.

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