Name:  Gemma
ID:  2280
Sex:  Female
DOB:  Est:  6/23/17
Size:  5 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Mid to End August

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Intake Report 8/4/2017:
What can you say about a precious puppy.  This little girl is full of life and she truly is a miracle.  A man actually ran over her in the middle of a rural road because he didn’t see her.  Once over he realized that there was a puppy in the road.  He went back and miraculously she was unharmed.  Can you only imagine how frightened this little girl was!  He picked her up and took her home.  Even though he couldn’t keep her he wanted to make sure that she would be OK.  He called the local shelter where they reported no one was looking for her.  MAGRR was called and we are so happy this sweet little one will now not only have a good life but the best life.


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