Name: Gabe
ID: 3140
Sex: Neutered Male
DOB: 8/16/2018
Size: 77 lbs.
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: Julie Korostoff
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My Reports

Intake Report 11/5/2019

Gabe was being given away on a Germantown resale page on FaceBook back in September. A lady  took him from his original owner who indicated that they were homeless.  The lady who rescued him has a young child who has special needs and she didn’t have the ability to give Gabe all the attention and care he needs. She reached out to us and asked for help and after getting details about Gabe we decided he was definitely a good MAGRR candidate.  He is good with kids, cats, and other dogs. We dog tested him with small and large dogs both. The lady who surrendered him to us has two indoor cats also.  Gabe loved to try to play with them.  Even though they weren’t very receptive to his interaction, he never tried to harm them.  It seems Gabe’s only fault is that he has some separation anxiety and does not like to be crated and left alone.  He will definitely need to live with another canine friend.  He broke out of his crate a couple of times at the lady’s house.  He doesn’t do much damage, but this definitely needs work.   The worst thing he did was harm himself in trying to get out of the crate.  We are told he was born without a tail.  We’re told he likes to ride in cars, but at first he was afraid to get in.  He’s housebroken, has been getting a bath every Saturday, is a bit afraid of storms, and has shown no signs of resource guarding at all.  His coat is absolutely beautiful, soft, thick and healthy.

He’s a great big love bug. He loves to sit in your lap, be petted, he does pretty well on the leash but he does have puppy energy and pulls. With consistency and a loving family he’s going to make a great dog.  Are you willing to be his forever family?

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