Name: Fritz
ID: 3092
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 2 yr
Size: 42 lbs
General Health: Good – needs to gain weight about 25-30 pounds.
Availability: Currently
Sponsors: Abby Colihan

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Foster Update 3/17/2019
Fritz is learning to live inside a house.  I don’t think he had ever been inside prior to coming to my house.  He was nervous at first but is settling down nicely and becoming accustomed to having food and not going hungry.  He is gaining some much needed weight.  He loves being petted and just being touched.  He has lots of energy and truly just wants love.  He does counter surf but that is to be expected from a starving dog.  We are working on that.  This boy will be an absolutely love for some lucky family.



Intake Report 3/04/2019:
I received a call from a local long time rescuer about a dog in skitchy part of town that she had been contacted about.  He was living on a chain and starving.  A kind lady had been going to that house and feeding him and with the rain and cold she was afraid he wouldn’t live through the night.  She said he was so sweet and wanted love so badly.  It was getting dark and cold and getting him out because a true emergency. The lady who had been feeding him said she would get him and take her to her house for the night.  It was difficult getting any information but we received 3 pictures which broke my heart.  I sent them to our Intake team and all agreed that this boy needed us. You can see the shelter that he had which was terrible.   There was no place else for him to go, so I said yes we would take IF he got along with other dogs.  The lady finally let us know that she had him and since she has 8 dogs of her own, we would know.

The next morning, the lady reported that he had done very well with her dogs and she reported that he was very sweet.  He was taken to our clinic where the staff wanted to name him Fritz, so Fritz it is.  Miracle of all he is already neutered and HW negative.  I’m am totally shocked.  Dr. Courtney thinks he is about 2 years old and she has fallen in love with him.  They say he gets along with everyone, is fine with other dogs. He has a beautiful creme coat with hints of gold.  We are thinking his hair will grow out once he is getting proper nutrition.   He has quickly become a favorite of our staff – they say he is a fantastic dog.   His DNA may not be golden but his temperament is definitely 100% golden.  He is going to make some lucky family a wonderful dog.  He is so grateful that he has been freed from the chain.


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