Name: Fiona
ID: 2424
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB: 8/12/21
Size: 35 lbs lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Foster Updates

May 19, 2022

She is a very energetic puppy but still quite nervous from her traumatic past. She’s learning how to use the bathroom outside, it’s going well, we are trying to celebrate her as much as possible when she does so. She loves to cuddle and give kisses, she plays fetch and loves her stuffed animal toys and doesn’t tear them up. She has some growing to do to get past her fears, but she’s on a quick road her tail is up and wagging most of the time now and her ears aren’t pinned back anymore. She isn’t spooked with loud sounds or thunderstorms. She loves to play with the other dogs and runs around the yard a lot. She likes company at all times, she cries when we leave her in the kennel at home, but we’ve been having her sleeping in the kennel at night to make her more custom too staying in the kennel when we leave. She sits for her food and knows a couple commands, she’s smart and quick to learn but we’re just working on getting her happy and healthy.   She is a great little girl who has not had the best life until she came to MAGRR.  Notice the change in her pictures from the intake ones to that smiling happy girl.

Intake Report

May 11, 2022

This is sweet, totally terrified Fiona. I traveled today to pick up Fiona. Her owners released her because of their health issues. The breeder apparently gave this girl to these folks when they advertised for a service dog. They got her at 3 months old. She has been taught to come to her name, to shake hands, lay down, and give kisses. She loves her toys and enjoys playing fetch. Apparently you can name the toy you want her to bring you and she’ll bring the correct one- ball, frisbee, tire, and a donut type stuffy. She’s definitely intelligent.  She was skittish at first but quickly warmed up and took a treat.   She does have a soft mouth. They have lots of cats and she is good with them.  She was terrified of being in my car. I tethered her in my backseat and she just lay there with no whining at all.  This girl needs lots of socialization and a kind, soft place to land. We know MAGRR will give her all those things.

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