Name: Faith
ID: 2393
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 6–8 yrs.
Size: 42 lbs. (emaciated)
General Health:
Extremely critical
Availability: To be announced
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Medical Update 8/7/2022

This is the hardest update that I have had to post.   After Hope has been doing so well, we got some devastating news.   She began to not eat as well and so we took her in to see the doctor and they did an ultrasound on her abdominal area.   She has another mammary tumor, which could possibly be removed; however, they discovered a large around her tummy.  It is inoperable and is causing her tummy to feel full; therefore, causing the lack of appetite.   It was NOT there a couple of months ago when we did a previous ultrasound.  This means that it is fast growing.   This sweet girl doesn’t have a lot of time; therefore she is no longer available.  She will live out her life with her foster family who love her dearly.  We are all so sad, but we will keep her comfortable for as long as we she has quality of life.  Sometimes this is all that we can do for these sweet doggies.   At least she has had 8 months of a good life with love and attention and as far as she knows a home of her own.   We appreciate all of the love and support that has been given her over all of these months and the prayers offered on her behalf.  Please pray for comfort for her and for her devastated foster family.

Medical Update 3/31/2022

Great news for our sweet girl.   Our doctor thinks she has progressed enough and gotten enough strength that we can begin the treatment to rid her of those terrible heartworms.   She still has a long way to go but progress is going made.   She will receive one shot and then wait 30 days.  If all goes well, she will then finish up her treatment.  She is such a wonderful doggie and has come so far.   Thanks to all for your continues support.

Foster Update 12.22.21

Faith has been progressing in leaps and bounds. Although she is still a little wobbly on her feet at times, she really has gotten stronger. She no longer needs any help at getting up. She trots right out into the back to the bathroom, then straight back to the refrigerator for her treat of a turkey slice. We got great news at her last vet visit, she has finally started to put on weight! She is almost 50 pounds, which is a gain of 10 pounds. She has also been able to come completely off one of her heart medications and is weaning down her other medications too. So we are hopeful that she can begin her heart worm treatment in the near future. She is so quiet, calm, sweet and just loves attention. We had our grands stay with us for four days and they loved on her constantly and she really took to them. We have seen her make an effort to play to play with her tennis ball and even engage our Great Pyrenees to play, poking his head with her paw when he is lying down. We love having Faith and look forward to seeing her continue to progress in the future. She said to tell everyone who has been pulling for her that she really appreciates it and hopes everyone has a very merry Christmas!

Medical Update 12/16/21

Faith is doing very well; however, she still needs to gain more weight.  She will still need heartworm treatment once she has gotten healthy enough to get the treatment.  We will update as we know more.

Foster Update 11/16/21

Faith has been with us for 2 weeks and really seems to be headed in the right direction. The vet was really pleased to see her so mobile and to hear that she goes outside under own steam and is able to go to the bathroom unassisted. She follows us in to the kitchen to get her slice of turkey after each trip outside. She has achieved two huge milestones this week. The first was when she decided to return to her living area in the sun room and just lay down when she was tired from walking around. Previously she would need to be carried. Then yesterday, while her lunch was prepared in the kitchen, she remarkably got up by herself and joined us in the kitchen! It is the first time she has gotten up by herself. Unfortunately, although she is eating like a horse, she has not gained any weight :(. The vet has made some adjustments to her medications, so we are hoping her weight will start to increase in the coming weeks, fingers crossed. All in all, she is doing remarkably well. She is such a sweet, kind lady.

Foster Update 11/8/21

Today is one week since picking up Faith from The Pet Hospital. Faith has had a few visitors lately and seems to love the attention. She responded well to my 4 year old granddaughter, Ella. Ella loves to sit on Faith’s bed and have long conversations about Jojo Siwa and the latest things happening at her school. Faith is happy to be around her and is probably the best listener in the house. She is doing well with her new support sling. We really don’t even have to support her, just be there in case she needs it. She still needs a little support when going potty but can walk around on her own. She is getting several walks around the yard and then inside the house before going back on her bed. She tried to sit up a few times with her front legs, so I do think that shows she is getting stronger. She just is so weak in her back legs she can’t support herself to try and get up.
She now eats twice a day without any coaxing and takes her medicine like a pro. She has barked a few times, only after Watson has started the “twilight bark” though. She will need to go see Dr Wooden next week to have bloodwork done and I will talk to her about her back legs weakness and see what we can do to help her. If Faith can get herself to a standing position it would be a game changer for sure. I know it has only been 1 week and I remind myself this is a marathon not a sprint.

Foster Update 11/2/21

Faith has finally gone to a wonderful and caring foster home after several weeks in the hospital. She is keeping wonderful notes of which we will share some here. She is truly an angel sent to us and Faith.

Faith came home to us on Nov 1 to start the next chapter in her journey. She is still extremely weak and needs a little assistance to help her walk. She ate dinner which thrilled me and went outside for potty. She is sleeping on a large memory foam mattress that gives her plenty of room and helps cushion her bones. She desperately needs to gain weight and I’m praying we can accomplish this goal and get her a little stronger each day. She is walking with assistance but needs a little support to keep her steady. I ordered her a support sling that should help me keep her stable when standing and walking. I’m so thrilled that MAGRR trusted me. She is just skin & bones and will be more beautiful once we can help her fill in. She is very weak but managing with just a little support. She hasn’t had any more pressure sores. She was a perfect little lady and was agreeable to being rolled onto her other side. She went out at 6 a.m. this morning and did her business and then came back in for meatballs and a little breakfast. She doesn’t show much interest in eating so for now we are hand feeding her. She hasn’t reacted to our Great Pyr but he has pretty much ignored her once she got settled in.

Intake Report 10/11/21

Faith is one of the saddest cases that MAGRR has received. A local shelter call us that this sweet girl wouldn’t eat, drink or even get up. MAGRR was her only hope and we gladly rushed right over to get her. We got her to our vet clinic where our vet informed us that she may not live through the day but we would try. She was emaciated, dehydrated and severely anemic. They first had to discover what was causing all of these issues. After testing it was discovered that severe Heartworm infestation was the problem. She had what is known as Caval Syndrome. Heartworm were actually in the right side her heart and surgery to physically remove those worms was the only chance. It is a risky surgery but truly no alternative.

That surgery was done on 10/13/21 hoping for the best. She survived the surgery which was the first hurdle of many. She actually has perked up but cannot walk on her own due to weakness. She will be in the hospital for quite some time and hoping that she can get well enough to treat the other hear worms with the immiticide injections. This will be very risky due to current condition. It’s a balancing act to try to get her strong and not letting the heart worms get worse which would be life threatening.

Please say a prayer for our Faith. She has been through so much and we truly appreciate all of the people who have reached out to us and made donations for her care. Her bill will be substantial but we have “faith” that we can cover it all. We just want this sweet girl to have a chance to live a life with love and kindness and good care.

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