Name: Elsa
ID: 3160
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB: 12/15/2017
Size: 59 lbs
General Health: Has Seizures – controlled on meds
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report

March 20, 2020

Elsa has been with us for almost 3 weeks now.  The first week was rough for her.  She was a bit withdrawn and anxious.  I think she really missed her family and was a bit overwhelmed by my 3 dogs.  Today, she is a different dog!  This sweet girl is a typical 2 year old Golden Retriever.  She has a lot of energy, but as long as she gets out for a walk and out in the yard a bit, she is pretty comfortable hanging out in the house with me.  She is very friendly to everyone, including children, when we walk her on the trails. She hasn’t tried to chew anything in the house but does love to chew on her toys.  She is very interested in anything food related so I need to be careful about leaving things on the counter.  Outside, she tries to chew the bushes, so we are working on that.  She LOVES to cuddle on  the couch with us , head in our lap. She is getting along well with all of my dogs.  She loves to play with them.  I think she will be fine in a house with or without dogs.  She knows “sit”, but will need more basic obedience training.  She has learned to sit patiently while I wipe her paws-all this rain-ugh!!  She stays in her crate if I am not home and also sleeps in her crate.  Health wise, she is doing well.  The adjustments made to her seizure meds  by the vet here in Memphis seem to be working.  She started itching a few days ago, right when things started blooming.  The vet diagnosed her with seasonal allergies. She gave her an injection that should help for 2 months and it is definitely helping.  Hopefully she will be more comfortable when we get through Spring.  The vet  said the fact that her old family had shaved her unfortunately makes the itching worse.    Elsa is a fabulous dog! The family that adopts her must be willing to give her medications twice daily to prevent seizures.  She will also need love, attention, exercise. 

February 29, 2020

Elsa may be one of the most beautiful dogs I have ever assisted in bringing in. She is white or English cream. She was named by 3 little girls. For those who don’t know the Disney movie, Frozen, Elsa starts as the Ice Princess and later becomes the Queen. I’ve had the “privilege” of hearing grand daughters sing the famous Elsa song, “Let It Go” about a million times!!! On to today’s Elsa. She was surrendered by a family who loved her very much. Our Arkansas Coordinator picked her up  and I met them in half way.  Elsa began having seizures Oct. 2019. Their vet has not been able to figure out a correct dose of medication to control the idiopathic seizures – we have confidence that our vet will be able to get her on the right meds to control the seizures.   Also, she seems to have developed some skin issues since moving to Arkansas with the change in climate. Their vet recommended keeping her shaved – this is not good even with skin issues and usually aggravates the situation.  She was bred by the owner’s parents in Florida. All the puppies were adopted by family members and none of the others have displayed epilepsy. She is house trained and loves toys. (I have a few for her). She loves other dogs and is very friendly and playful. It was hard to get a standing photo, because she wanted to roll over for a tummy rub. She’s good with kids, didn’t really pull on the leash. She’s never met a cat. There’s no doubt she has been loved.  We are in the process of monitoring her medication and we will get it regulated so that she doesn’t have the seizures.

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