Name: Elle
ID: 3164
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB: 5/15/2018
Size: 52 lbs
General Health: HW TX
Availability: End of May

Julie Korostoff
Susan McKay
Leslie Jones


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Intake Report

Foster Update 5/15/2020

Elle is still a little jealous and Leary of our golden.   Because she was on her own for so long and most likely had to fend for herself she is very careful when he approaches.   She’s a wonderful dog and very easy to foster – much easier than our previous foster! She doesn’t chew or get on the furniture or pull down the doggie gate. She lets us know when she needs to go out. And she has a beautiful coat.  She needs time to be socialized with other dogs and to learn that she can trust.

April 25, 2020

There were a lot of hands and eyes involved in getting this beautiful sweet girl to MAGRR.   Several people had seen her wondering up and down a highway over the past few weeks.  And if anyone knows that stretch of road, that’s a large number of miles on a very busy highway to be covering for a lost dog. Several people had posted sightings of her on Facebook but no one could get near her. One of our fosters and adopters, Jody, tagged the Intake Team and our Intake Coordinator, Debbie, drove out to the area around 4:30 that afternoon, where she met another lady named Melanie and they located the dog in a front yard.  She was extremely skittish and would takeoff running any time they would get near her.  Debbie reached out to a good rescue friend and borrowed her dog trap.  While they were waiting  the dog trap, the dog took off into the woods and they were not able to see her anymore. They went ahead and set up the trap and baited it with stinky Vienna sausages, canned cat food and other tasty stinky treats.
The next morning at around 8:00, Jody went out to check the trap and lo and behold, there she was lying peacefully and quietly in the dog trap. Anyone who knows anything about trapping dogs, knows that this usually doesn’t happen on the first try. Usually you get cats, raccoons, other stray dogs, and the one you’re trying to get can be pretty elusive. This girl appears to have been out on her own for so long, that she was so hungry and tired, she was almost willing to be trapped.
“Four of us quickly went out to the trap and loaded her into my van.  She wasn’t reactive at all. No tail wags, no growls, just stared at us like “what the heck just happened to me?”  I brought her home to my house and let her decompress in the back of my van for just a little bit since the weather was cool.
Over a span of two or three hours, I fed her, was able to pet her and ultimately get a leash on her and let her walk around my front yard. She was pretty skittish, wasn’t very sure about being leashed or touched, but once I sat down in the yard and started petting her, she ultimately melted into my lap and just buried her head in my shirt. I also got a couple of kisses on my forehead and the ever telling eyelash sniff.
I took her downtown to the our clinic and she was ready to get out of the trap and walk around at the clinic, but when people started coming around her, she would try to bolt and pull away.  I sat down on the curb with her and had a couple of the vet techs approach slowly and sit down beside me. Eventually she was warming up to them very quickly and allowing them to pet her. One of the techs ended up carrying her into the clinic just because it was easiest at the time.”
She had a collar on with the rabies tag, and we were able to reach out to the veterinarian that issued it as well as find the owners. They have been out of town for quite a while, and didn’t even know she was missing. Seems the person who was supposed to be taking care of her had not made them aware.  The veterinarian convinced the owner to surrender her to us knowing that it was best for her.  They stated that they were sad but realized that she needed medical care which they were not able to do and they didn’t know when they would return to this area.
We are not sure how long she’s been out on her own, but she was covered in huge engorged tick‘s, at least 25 or 30 that were counted. She is also emaciated but it wasn’t obvious under her thick coat.   We were able to get a date of birth from her previous veterinary clinic.   This girl’s life is going to be wonderful from now as as she will get the much needed medical care along with so much TLC.  Everyone already loves her at our clinic.  Once she goes to foster, she will blossom into that beautiful golden girl that she was always meant to be.
She’s a beautiful, calm girl with very soulful eyes. She’s super sweet and just needs to learn to trust somebody again. She’s going to make a wonderful addition to a very lucky family.  Her name was Belle, but she doesn’t appear to know it.

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