Name: Ella
ID: 2329
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 2 yr
Size: 63 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Mid August

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Foster Update 8/9/2019:
Ella is a beautiful 2 year old charcoal goldendoodle. She is sweet, gets along with everyone, and loves to play. She has been very gentle with my little dogs, but I think she really needs a big dog who wants a playmate. She does not shed. I’ve been taking her to doggie daycare & she enjoys it.

Intake Report 8/4/2019:
Ella & her friend Zeke were rescued from life on a chain about seven weeks ago by a wonderful family in Mississippi.  The family who rescued them LOVED them so much!  They had them completely vetted, spayed and neutered, and bought them both crates, brushes, tons of toys, and gave them heart worm preventative. They wanted to keep them but they do not have a fenced yard and we’re having to walk them multiple times a day and they really didn’t feel like it was fair to them to not have a place to play.

The family who surrendered them contacted one of our great rescue partners near Jackson Mississippi.  She helped us organize getting them here.  It was pouring down rain when they arrived at the clinic, so I jumped in the back seat of their truck with both dogs. I was immediately greeted with a face full of kisses and licks and Zeke laid down in my lap. Both dogs are super friendly, very happy, and both seem well-rounded and easy-going. The computers were down because of the storm, so they both just chilled and relaxed while we waited in the clinic lobby.  Multiple dogs came and went while we were waiting.  Other than normal healthy interest, they had zero reaction to the other dogs.  They are going be a great addition to some lucky folks.


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