Name: Echo
ID: 2331
Sex: Spayed Female
DOB: 12/9//16
Size: 73 lbs (could lose a few)
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report

Foster Update 1/22/2020:

Echo arrived and I could tell right away that she was going to be a sweetheart.  She’s a big girl so she is just the right size to sweep the coffee table with her tail.  And she seems surprised when it happens!  Actually, I don’t think she has been in a house much.  She spent the first two days checking everything out…what is that ceiling fan….hey, what is that vacuum cleaner?  She didn’t seem afraid, just curious.  After about a week she has really relaxed and is loving life.  Playing with toys, chewing on bones, running around the yard with her new dog friends, leaving the one grumpy dog alone.  She tried out all the dog beds, chairs, and the people bed.  And she loves to lay next to you and just soak up the petting.  Echo will make a fantastic companion for some lucky family.

January 1/8/2020:

We received a call from a lady who is a friend of one of our doctors telling me about two Goldens that needed a home.  Of course, we would help.  They are very sweet girls and litter mates.  They were purchased as pups by a man for his grandkids.  They family couldn’t take care of them and didn’t really want pups so sent back to their grandfather’s farm.  They they have lived for the past year – running free on the farm.   A friend who apparently knows the grandfather and had been seeing them and when they finally saw one of the girls had a cut foot, they decided it was time to find them a home.  The Grandfather agreed.  So here they are!!  They are a pretty red color and other than the cut on the one’s leg, the look pretty well.  They were covered in ticks but I did get them out for pictures but had to keep them leashed as they couldn’t go into one of the fenced areas.   They look like nice girls and very adoptable.  They don’t necessarily need to stay together but each would be better with another dog.  More about these girls once they have gone to foster.

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