Name:  Dolly
ID:  2224
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  2 yr
Size:  62 lbs
General Health:

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Intake Report 1/24/2017:
Meet big, beautiful, platinum blonde, country girl Dolly! (Our very own Dolly Parton). She was being given up by a family who was moving away and hadn’t had her very long. She lived outside in a kennel. She’s had at least 1 litter of pups. Another rescue took her litter of pups. She has a beautiful thick, though dry coat with full feathering in the back. Her eyes are rimmed with black eye liner and her head, face, and ears remind me very much of my dog golden. The rescuer that picked her up said there were lots of cats wandering around the rural property and she did not react to them. She took her home over night and she was fine with her other dogs. This little 4 yr. old girl belongs to one of our kennel workers. When she first approached Dolly, I told her I did not know the dog and she shouldn’t try to pet her. As I was doing intake paper work, I looked down and she was hugging Dolly. Then her mom took the leash and said “I’ll be responsible” and she proceeded to kiss and hug her. Yes, I think I had a little minor heart attack, but Dolly was wonderful. Dolly was very quiet on the leash and the girls in the office felt like she’d been leash walked before. She happily walked to the back with the little girl and her Mom. No doubt she will be snapped up quickly.


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Dolly 2224 from MAGRR on Vimeo.