Name: Dixie
ID: 2342
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 8-10 yr
Size: 40 lbs
General Health: Good
Availability: Currently
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My Reports

Intake Report

Foster Update 10/23/2020

Dixie is a love of a girl.  She is so sweet and precious.  She gets along with my dog and also my cat.  She is content to have a soft place to land and lots and lots of love. There is absolutely nothing negative to say about this girl.


This precious girl was found abandoned by a nice family in rural Tennessee.  They called MAGRR and of course we said we would take her.   A kind soul picked her out on a road. She said there was no way she could have ended up there other than being dumped. It appears that she has recently had puppies.  She said they even searched for her puppies. She was covered in fleas. I brought her home to treat her with flea spray before taking her to her foster’s house. We determined while there, that she is not blind but has an eye infection. I’ve no doubt that if her eyes are not treated quickly, she could go blind. She has a soft mouth and I shared my lunch of a hot dog. She traveled sleeping quietly in my back seat.  She has cute freckles on her nose and she will be very precious, but at the moment she’s kind of a “hot mess”. She is blessed to have fallen into MAGRR hands.

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