Name:  Delia
ID:  2245
Sex:  Spayed Female
Age:  1 yr
Size:  50 lbs
General Health:  HW Tx  4/11 & 4/12
Availability:  Mid May

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Intake Report 4/8/2017:
This beauty was found as a stray and taken to a local high-kill shelter.  Her days were numbered and no one was showing any interest in pulling her.  After being contacted numerous times about her I went over and met her.  She played a bit shy with me at first, but when I got her out of her kennel, she showed me what a fun loving, happy girl she really is.  We took her out into the play area where she greeted a super scared and shy dog with a sweet sniff and a lick.  Then she met a huge dog named Goliath through the fence, with no more than a sniff and moved onto getting love.  She has a beautiful coat but has major hair loss on her back, tail and britches.  She has feathering on her legs and some longer hair on her tail, indicating that she will have a full plume of a tail once her hair grows back.  She looks as if she’s recently had a litter of puppies.  She jumped up in the van and rode peacefully to the vet.  She met a puppy and an older dog in the van, who were riding along with no reaction. She will need some leash training but showed a desire to please.   Since she’s an elusive “black golden”, she’ll be in great demand.


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Delia 2245 from MAGRR on Vimeo.