Name:  Daley
ID:  2274
Sex:  Neutered Male
DOB:  1/9/2017
Size:  52 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Foster Update 8/16/2017
This sweet boy loves everyone and everything, including cats. After a couple weeks of training, he knows how to politely sit when being let out of his kennel. He loves to play with his foster siblings, so a fur sibling is a must for this boy. He’s still got a lot of puppy in him and will need further training. He loves to snuggle and lay his head on our laps.  He also loves to be outside and play in the water. He loves to drink from the water hose and help my husband while he’s working outside. One day, he even hopped in the shower with me unannounced!   He does like to gulp down water and when he needs to go out, he will jump at the door.  He is a true treasure.

Intake Report 7/15/2017:
We were contacted last week about two boys.  A lady who lives in our area took these two Golden puppies from her son, who recently moved to Dallas, Texas, has 4 children, new jobs and not enough time for them.  She had lost her older dog and thought these two would be a good for her.  She clearly underestimated the exuberance and energy of 6 and 7 month old untrained puppies.

She and her husband drove to Dallas, brought the dogs back to Memphis, bought tons of toys, leashes, treats, blankets and other terribly ridiculous items, like Grind and Shake On Vegilicious Health Food Enhancer. Her purchase of some of these items confirms that, if desperate enough, humans will succumb to just about any type of clever marketing that companies put forth.

She and her husband both have high-stress jobs, long hours, and don’t have the energy to train or deal with the two pups, and after only 3 weeks, she threw up the white flag of surrender.    She said she wanted to do the best thing for the dogs, but this decision was clearly very hard for her, as she sobbed the whole time I was talking with her on the phone about them, as well as the entire time I was at her house picking them up.  They are not litter mates, but the son couldn’t make up his mind which one he wanted, so he made the bad decision to get both.  He found them on Craigslist in Dallas.  They will now begin their new life where they can get the supervision needed.  Both are great doggies and will make 2 families very happy.  As you can see Daley is a very handsome fellow.


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