Name: Cruiser
ID: 3141
Sex: Neutered Male
Age: 2 yrs.
Size: 57 lbs.
General Health: Heartworm treated 11/5
Availability: 12/5/2019
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My Reports

Intake Report 11/5/2019

Cruiser has been in an urban city shelter since 9-11-19.  Our Arkansas Coordinator, Lynda, visited him several times.  We just had to make him a MAGRR boy. He was always shy and frightened when she saw him. It may have something to do with fear of the leash. We had to carry him from crate to crate as Lynda considered him a flight risk. Once I got to the clinic, he was still afraid to walk. We had to carry him in. He did not react to any dogs while in the lobby of of our clinic. In fact, there was no response at all and he just looked the other way. Lynda said he did not react to a Min Pin at the shelter when she picked him up. The shelter says he is good with cats. He is skeletal under a thick, dry coat.  The first thing she noticed was his odor. She said I don’t know how you ladies transport them, when they smell so bad.  This guy smelled so bad, but he is going to blossom as a MAGRR boy.

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