Name:  Copper
ID:  2214
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  10 yr
Size:  62 lbs
General Health:  HW+ – Slow TX
Availability:  Currently to right home
Sponsors:  Richard Anderson

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Foster Update 1/10/2017:
Copper has been in his foster home for a week and reports are that he is a fabulous boy.  Very laid back and just a perfect gentleman.  He is very much attached to any human who shows him kindness.  It’s almost as though he is afraid that he will once again be abandoned and be on his own.  He is very sweet and gets along with other dogs and just loves life.   He is a true Southern Gentleman.

Intake Report 12/27/2017:
Copper started showing up, as a stray,  on Facebook about 2 months ago, with the first sightings being in a very high traffic commercial area.  He apparently worked his way west, with sightings being reported every few days.  A lady picked him up, kept him for about 3 days, and then turned him in to a local suburban shelter.   They estimate him to be about 10 years old.   He has a nice copper color, but is in dire need of a bath.  He was excited to get out of the shelter but reluctantly got into the car.  He was very anxious, whined and whimpered the entire way to our clinic.  I pulled over once or twice to just pet him and love on him, and  he calmed down completely.  I think he is just desperate for human presence and touch.    We have no idea how long he has been on his own, and obviously needs some serious socializing. I told him several times how lucky he is to now be a MAGRR kid.


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