Name:  Conrad
ID:  3053
Sex:  Neutered Male
DOB:  1/3/13
Size:  68 lbs
General Health:  Has Seizures Controlled with meds
Availability:  Currently – Must drive to Memphis – Cannot go on transport

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Update 12/20/2018
Conrad’s meds have been reduced to twice daily and so far he is doing well on that routine.  He hasn’t had a seizure now in several months.  He has spent a weekend with other dogs and actually has done great.  He is finished with his heartworm treatment and is ready for his new home.  He will make a great companion with someone who is willing to give him his medication and love him.

Update 10/29/2018:
After much adjusting with seizure meds, neutering and treating for heartworms, this sweet boy is ready for his new life.   He is currently on 2 seizure medications and seems to finally have his seizures under control.  He has been reactive to other dogs at the vet, so we have tested him with 3 of our dogs.  He is OK with careful introduction.  We think he would do best with an older female.  He just hasn’t been around dogs since coming to us as the foster has no other dogs, only a cat and he loves the cat.  We are working on getting him back acclimated to living with another dog.  He has been through so much and is definitely a special needs boy.  He is an absolute love and just loves to cuddle.  He would be fine as an only dog also.  We think this boy is worth the effort.  And did we mention that he is drop-dead gorgeous?

Medical Update 6/9/2018:
Conrad did have a seizure when his medication was reduced so he is back on the original dose.  We are still working to get the medication regulated to the lowest dose that controls them.  This boy is such a great dog.  He will be worth any issues that have to be worked out.  He still will have to get his heartworm treatment but we are waiting until the seizures are definitely regulated.  He went over a month without one which is very encouraging.

Medical Update 5/21/2018
Good news.   Conrad has not had a seizure since going to his foster home on 5/2/18 and putting him on the phenobarbital.  He has done beautifully.  Our doctors will evaluate when it will be best to do his heartworm treatment.  We are so encouraged that his seizures will be easily controlled.   Stay turned.  We would also like to add that this boy has the most soulful eyes.  He is absolutely stunning!

Medical Update 5/10/2018:
Our doctors believe that the medication that Conrad has been taking is not the best to control his seizures.  We are in the process of getting his seizures definitely under control.  In the meantime he is doing so well at his foster home.  He is a true “Southern Gentleman” and will make someone a fantastic new family member.  This boy will be well worth dealing with his medical condition.  He is a jewel.

Intake Report 5/2/2018:
Conrad is a beautiful, red five-year-old boy. His original owner passed away and another family adopted him, not realizing that he has seizures.  The family reached out to us about a month ago and asked if we could help with the dog, and we of course said yes. But then they change their mind and decided they wanted to try to work with his condition; however, the seizures are pretty traumatic for the new owners four and eight-year-old children. So they decided the best thing to do would be to surrender him to us. They brought him to us, and it was clear they had really struggled with this decision.

He is a sweet matured, friendly and calm dog. He’s used to being an inside house dog, he has zero destructive behaviors, he’s fully housebroken.  The only time he has had accidents is when he is in seizure. He loves his toys. He loves to fetch, and is not very food motivated.  He’s good with other dogs, including both large and small, as he lived with a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua. He’s good with children, and we found out when I delivered him to our foster, that he is good with cats. He rode beautifully in the car, and it’s just a happy go lucky boy.


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