Name:  Comet
ID:  2208
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  1-2 yr
Size:  83 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently

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Foster Update 2/6/2017
I think he would be ok with cats (with supervision).  We had a Super Bowl party last night and EVERYONE fell in love with him. He wants to be loved so much. He gets along with Gus and Dutchess. Struggles with Murphy (but again, Murphy doesn’t get along with anyone anymore). He just wants to be cuddled and loved on. If you even raise your voice at him, he cowers and drops to his back. It is absolutely heart breaking! Thankfully with his size, he is great on a leash! Still working on being able to touch his collar. He will need to wear a harness to get in and out of the car. If you try to control him with a leash connected to the collar, he FREAKS out. I had the vet take a close look at his neck to verify no injury and he didn’t find anything.   He just needs someone to give him some TLC and patience.

Foster Update 12/26/2016:
Comet is such a sweet, eager to please, dog. While he is HUGE (he can easily set his head on the counter top), he is just a gentle giant. I especially enjoy gazing into his beautiful eyes.  We are feeding him in the crate (he prefers a wire crate over shipping crate), and leaving him in it when we are gone. He gets destructive if left alone, so the crate has cured that issue. He sleeps on the floor next to our daughter every night. No night wandering and no surprises when we get up.  Comet plays well with Daisy and Gus . He doesn’t seem to hit it off with all males as much as females (except Gus, but Gus loves everyone). They wrestle and chase outside, then just wander and lay about in the house. He doesn’t seem too high energy. As long as he is included, he is happy.   Whoever adopts Comet, the person who brings him home will probably be his favorite. He is head over paws for my daughter. If we can not readily find him, he will be laying in front of her bedroom door.

Foster Update 12/15/2016:
Comet has been in his foster home for a little over 24 hours and has made so much progress. He gets attached to one person easily and doesn’t like to let them out of his sight. If you leave the room he follows you. He is getting much better with putting on his leash, but still needs time. Once it’s on he is completely fine. He doesn’t even pull like most big dogs.  He wants lots of love and responds very well to positive training. He loves treats and loves to go for walks and lay in the room with you. He loves kids too. This is likely the first home he’s ever set foot in. He is doing well being in a home but will still need some training on manners. He’s going to be a great dog!

Intake Report 12/9/2016:
Welcome to our first of Santa’s Reindeer for 2016.  A kind lady rescued this boy in rural Mississippi and truly wanted to keep him but her dog wouldn’t allow it.   He is very fearful until he knows that he is safe.  His owner decided that he didn’t want him any longer and was going to shoot him – that’s right you read it correctly.  He has not been socialized and is really fearful of a leash.  He was extremely reluctant to get into a car, but once in he rode very nicely all the way to our clinic.  He is very sweet and once he has had some love and stability in his life, he is going to be a real treasure.


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