Name:  Comet
ID:  2208
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  1-2 yr
Size:  83 lbs
General Health:  Good
Availability:  Currently
Sponsors:  Jennifer Hendricks

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Intake Report 5/5/2017:
Comet is a beautiful, exuberant young dog looking for his forever home. He plays for hours with his foster brothers, then rests quietly building up his battery for the next round. He came in with very few manners, but has been fairly easy to train because he is so food motivated and really wants to please. He is the definition of a velcro golden and greets everyone like they are his new best friend. Still need to work on a calm greeting, but he doesn’t jump up.  Comet loves to go for long walks and does well on a leash. However, he does show too much interest in vehicles and will bark or chase cars. A quick correction is needed and we are still working on this. He didn’t ride well in a car, but now will get in the back seat. He won’t load up into the bed of a truck or back of SUV, but can be pulled in using his harness.

He loves other dogs but will try to be dominant. Still, he needs a playmate to run around and learn to trust humans. He is probably too rough for most cats, because he wants to play with them. Everything and everyone will go into his mouth at the beginning. It is just how he greets everyone, but he does not bite down. He has a very soft mouth and loves carrying toys. We are working on returning the ball, but he loves chasing them.


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Comet 2208 from MAGRR on Vimeo.