Name:  Clifford
ID:  2227
Sex:  Neutered Male
Age:  2 yr
Size:  42 lbs
General Health:  Has Hemophilia
Availability:  TBA
Sponsors:  Jeannie O’Toole

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Medical Update 3/4/2017:
Clifford is mending splendidly from his neuter.  We are giving him extra time to heal internally but he is ready to get out of the hospital.  He is one fabulous boy and will make some family very happy if they are willing to give him a chance.  He can lead a normal life but with care.  He will have to get a blood plasma transfusion should he get badly hurt or need any kind of surgery.  He will just need a little extra care.  He so badly wants a chance and someone to love him.    See his new video below.


Medical Update 2/20/2017
Clifford was neutered last week and after his neuter he bled quit a bit from his neuter site. It has been determined that he has a clotting disorder.  It can be managed, and he can live a pretty normal life as long as he isn’t severely injured.   He will just need a little extra care.   If you want a sweetheart of a dog and are willing to manage his condition, this boy will make a great companion.

Medical Update 2/14/2017
Clifford has had a rough time in his short life.  He is limping on his left front leg, possibly from an old injury.  This is being assessed by our radiologist this week.  Even with his sore leg, he is such a sweet boy. He will still make some lucky family a great addition.  We will update as we have information. (Update – his leg seems to be much better).

Intake Report 2/10/2017:
We received pictures from a rural Mississippi shelter about this boy who truly needed rescue. He was confiscated by the shelter from a home where he was tied up without shelter and very neglected.  A neighbor reported him and this wonderful small shelter actually did something.  They got him and brought him in.  He has a cough (probably not kennel cough) when excited so that will be checked out.    He also began limping just this morning on a front leg. He quickly became a favorite at the shelter as he gets along with everyone four and two footed.  He is just beautiful with a very nice coat.   He is a really nice boy.   He is beautiful, friendly and will be snapped up very quickly. He is going to make someone very happy.


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Clifford 2227.2 from MAGRR on Vimeo.